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by Little Gems on April 25, 2010

New Born Baby Soft Spot

Baby Soft Spot explained

Babies are born with more bones than adults. An adult will have 206 bones but a new born baby is born with 279 bones.The baby soft spot will also be fused in 18 to 24 months.Most people are unaware that babies actually have two baby soft spot or the area which is soft when you touch your babies head, one on the top of the head which is triangular shaped which is in the anterior fontanel and another one at the back of the head which is triangular and present in the posterior fontanel.
A newborn baby soft spot exists where the skull has not completely closed at birth. The anterior fontanel is generally about two inches wide and can remain to some degree until the baby is around eighteen months of age. The posterior fontanel is only half an inch wide and closes relatively quickly between the ages of six to twelve weeks.

Baby Soft Spot and the flexibility of the skull:

A new born babies soft spot is very important to the baby’s well being . First, the gap in the skull helps to make the baby’s journey down through the birth canal easier because the soft bones allows the head to change shape during birth. For example, you may have seen a baby born with a cone shaped head. The fontanel also allows the head to return to a normal shape after the birth. Second, baby soft spots allow the brain to grow and develop during the first year of life. A baby’s brain grows very quickly during the first year of life and needs room to grow. Once closed, a skull cannot stretch or expand, this process is natural and no need to panic about it.
Usually the new born babies head is like a clay and it will start getting hard only from 12 months when the bone starts to fuse. Before this if you stimulate and make the brain to grow to the maximum size this will ensure the well being of the baby’s brain. The right brain power is dominant during this period and the right early childhood education to your child will make new connections in the brain cells.
New born baby auro

New Born Baby Soft Spot and aura power secrets:

The aura or the energy center in new born is in this spot and it makes the baby intensely luminous and are with full of energy. In yoga this spot is the Crown (sahasrara) chakra or it also means “thousand petal lotus”. The seventh Crown (sahasrara) chakra is located at the top of the head. The exact area is where the tiny endocrine organ, known as the pineal gland, is found near the crown of the head, where the soft spot on a newborn baby’s head is located. This chakra contains the human talent of boundlessness. It is the spiritual center of our physical body. This is when you can teach your child anything and everything as the right brain capacity is huge due to this reason. Unlocking the hidden potential during this early stage using the right infant education will make your child a genius.
New Born Baby Soft Spot

New Born Baby Soft Spot Care:

Extra care should be taken for new born babies soft spot since there is no skull protecting the baby’s soft spot, you need to be extra careful around that area. It is fine to gently touch them when you wash your baby’s head or caress your baby. This soft spots are actually covered by a thick membrane. You shouldn’t go out of your way to put direct pressure of push on your baby’s soft spot though.
It is particularly important to ensure that older siblings do not push down on the fontanel when playing with baby. However,  many people are much worried about their baby’s soft spots and afraid to touch the area. The fact is the baby soft spot actually protects the baby from most common forms of damage. The soft membrane cushions the brain so that he or she is protected from common baby falls and risks. Although the fontanel is soft, it is made of a tough, fibrous membrane. It is the uncommon accidents or pressures that become more dangerous without a closed skull, not the normal bumps and falls of babies learning to crawl and walk.

Newborn baby soft spot and Doctor’s diagnosis :

The baby’s newborn soft spot is also used by doctors to help with diagnosis when your baby is unwell. A sunken soft spot depressed fontanel, for example, indicates dehydration while a bulging fontanel can be a symptom of meningitis. A swollen fontanel could also be a sign of other infection. If a baby soft spot is either depressed or swollen, you need to have the baby checked by a pediatrician. When the baby is well, the fontanel will expand and move as the baby moves, breathes, laughs,when you breast feed or cries.
However, if you are concerned about your baby’s newborn soft spot for any reason, ask your doctor at the baby’s next check-up. This will alleviate any concerns you may have and make sure that your baby is healthy and well.

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Mark Johnston February 9, 2011 at 12:14 am

Hello, I would be very greatful if you could help me with a query that i have.
My friend and his wife have recently hasd a new born baby boy, (three weeks old) the mother is conbcerned that there is no presenc of a ‘Fontanel’. apart from that the child is fine, Thankfully.

I would be greatful; if you could help me with this

Yours sincerely,

mark Johnston

Farida saeed August 5, 2011 at 3:24 am

My 2.5 months baby has a soft spot where it normally is but at the crowning top there is another swollen soft spot which is quiet obvious but she is feeding sleeping behaving like she normally does and has no fever. Would like to mention she was born a month earlier than expected date. I am still concerned pls advice ASAP.thank you.

kj Ntekiso November 11, 2011 at 12:59 pm


My son(one year and one month old) has the soft spot on his head. So behind his head, there are small red spots which pre school caretaker claims to be blocked blood…they say that my son will die if i dont send him to someone who can cut him with a razor to release the blocked blood and buy something from the chemist to apply on that cut. Is this true?

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